HighQA 2D Archive Data Automation

HighQA 2D Archive Data Automation system, enables organizations to automatically digitize their archive 2D prints, extract the required engineering and manufacturing data from each print, into a useful, manageable and easily retrieved information. With a click of a button, HighQA advanced engineering extraction OCR engine services many organizations today enabling them to use their historical 2D engineering and manufacturing prints quickly and accurately.

Many organizations struggles on a daily basis, spending time and money in finding the right prints either to produce a part or to develop business analytic, statistics and internal reporting. In addition those 2D prints might be loosing quality in the current archive conditions, digitizing those prints and archiving them in a database is the best option to continue and manage historical prints archives.To convert extensive archive to a useful digitized and managed data where you can get the right print in a click of a button, there is not a better, cost effective, economical option – except of HighQA solution.

HighQA 2D Archive Automation methodology is based on many years of experience of design, manufacturing and quality assurance in the aerospace, automotive, medical, oil & gas and other industries. Understanding this industries needs, and the use of historical 2D prints, our solution provides the ultimate answer for 2D Digitize Archive Management.

HighQA 2D Archive Automation system will extract from the 2D prints all annotations, GD&T and other PMI’s information into the solution centralized database and with our advanced engineering manufacturing API (EMAPI) you will be bale apply layers of part definition for future needs, cost estimation, and much more.

Once the information is digitized and archives, it enables your organization direct access to any print, at the right time with the right needed engineering and manufacturing information with a click of a button and zero errors.

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