HighQA Supply Chain Management

HighQA Supply Chain Management is the only manufacturing and quality management solution system available today. It combines highly secured manufacturing data process workflow seamlessly integrated with its 2D and 3D solution enables error free process, eliminates supply chain interpretation, supports cost cutting and it increases customer satisfaction. HighQA Supply Chain Management supports all manufacturing standards ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, QOS, APQP and others.

HighQA Supply Chain Management has a unique, propriety, highly secured data exchange infrastructure with the most advanced encrypted mechanism ensures your data – any communicated data – will never be exposed to un-certified eyes.

HighQA Supply Chain Management enables OEM’s, enterprises and organizations of any size to seamlessly, securely and through “Trigger Event Automation” communicate downstream and upstream with a “Project Defined Group”, from a biding stage to a complete, finished and delivered project in the highest quality, on time and on budget.

HighQA Supply Chain Management embedded 2D and 3D solution is one of the most important solution overcoming the most critical challenge in the supply chain – interpretation. As an OEM or a customer member in the supply chain you will be able to build, manage and communicate in the most efficient and automated way with your preferred supply chain group with no compromise on security during the bidding or outsource process. HighQA Supply Chain Management also overcomes another big challenge enabling OEM or customer to manage their supplier’s tiers avoiding no-control in the downstream production when suppliers may outsource to other tiers with pre-approved process.

Our system with its exceptional capabilities, supports organizations of any size. Participants in the supply chain, can be a supplier and at the same time a customer. When you become a member in the HighQA Supply Chain Management system, you will create your company profile, describe your capabilities, certifications, recommendations and other related information. This information logged into the supply chain management system, enables you to receive bidding based on your supplier profile and to bid out jobs to other members as a customer in the supply chain.

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