Automatic Ballooning Aerospace Fasteners

Inspection ManagerTM offers unique automation technology that automatically balloons and classifies aerospace fasteners on the assembly drawings. Digitized fasteners are automatically grouped together based on type and location.

Save countless labor hours by automating fastener recognition process in your organization. Create instant fastener reports. Provide shop floor personnel with clearly ballooned fastener drawings.

IM Fasteners Module provides the following key benefits:

  • Automatic fastener ballooning
  • Automatic fastener classification and grouping
  • Instant reporting and data export
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Integrated fastener inspection data collection
  • Wizard like step-by-step measurement guidance
  • Attached fastener measurement instructions

HIGH-QA Quality Management System with its flagship solution – Inspection Manager – provides set of capabilities that will automatically extract manufacturing and inspection requirements from a 2D prints, automatically generate inspection plan internally or externally – anywhere in the supply chain – to any inspection toll or for shop floor tablets. The Quality Centralized Inspection Database ensure the integrity of inspection data collection from any machine and inspection tool and the automated production of required inspection report.

HIGH-QA Quality Management System serves thousands of users worldwide utilizing what exactly their organization needs from the HIGH-QA Quality Management System. Our solution enables small enterprises “to grow as you need” with no compromise on advanced functionality, automation, cost cutting, competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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