Real-Time Paperless Data Collection with IM Explorer™

HighQA IM Explorer™ innovate solution enables you to convert your under-performing and error prone measurement data collection process to smart, digital and paperless.

Paperless inspection data collection is proven to provided following benefits:

  • Boost productivity by eliminating paper based process
  • Reduce misinterpretation and data entry errors
  • Improve measurement accuracy by providing instructions and automated guidance
  • Prevent omissions and missed measurements
  • Save money and resources by catching defects earlier in-process
  • Effortlessly comply with traceability requirements by keeping all records in one place
  • Gain transparency by receiving real-time duality process alerts

IM Explorer is a mobile application that runs on wirelessly connected mobile devices. The application provides easy to use, friendly touch screen interface.
IM Explorer has as mall footprint and it offers ultimate mobility for convenient remote / shop floor inspection data collection. The application is IT and network friendly. It is compatible with standard device management, enterprise security, domain policy, etc.

Inspection Manager offers user-friendly contemporary and clean interface that enables users to develop, control, and deploy inspection plans, related documents, requirements, and measurement instructions throughout the organization. The system provides an infrastructure to standardize and structure inspection data across an entire supply chain.

Inspection Manager supplies organizations with cutting edge automation tools for digital measurement data collection. Measurement data capture engine supports simultaneous real time input from multiple machines and devices. In addition to machine data collection, IM QMS provides breakthrough technologies that enable digital data collection for manual measurements taken on the shop floor in real time.

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